Big thanks to

Apr 16, 2016 by Lisa

Big thanks to for getting our defendant served quickly. We just don’t have the time for such things anymore, so you guys really made a difference. Your rep, Tammy, is super friendly and helpful too. Our initial quote was affordable but the final price was actually a few dollars less so that was awesome. We won’t be handling these things on our own at all anymore. It’s nice to have a company on your team that you can trust to get the job done right.

Premier really shines

Apr 06, 2016 by Ryan has become a regular partner for our police department. We have a private investigator on staff already, but the team at Premier really shines when our guy is overwhelmed with cases. Every time we use their services our defendants are quickly located and served without interference. The last guy had been dodging us for almost a year when Premier caught up to him and served him his papers. We just filled out a little form, sent over the documents we needed served, and they did the rest. We especially like their rep, Tammy, because she’s always so helpful when we have questions. Just want to thank for always being there for us.

Serve legal papers

Apr 01, 2016 by Larry

I am used to having one of my on-duty officers serve legal papers to citizens, but my guys have overwhelming caseloads these days and things just aren’t as simple as they used to be. I really envied some of those bigger departments until I discovered I guess the bigger departments use their services a lot too.

Anyway, I was able to get a free price quote before I started and a rep named Tammy walked me through everything on the phone. I uploaded and filled out this simple request form and then attached a copy of the document I needed served. It was so quick and easy that now we don’t even ask our guys to take care of process serving – so now we just go to instead.

Legal documents that needed served

Mar 30, 2016 by Mary

My department had some legal documents that needed served to this fella who was really hard to pin down. His ability to slip below the radar was driving everyone crazy and adding extra work to my officers’ already busy schedules. Some of my officers were pulling 16 hour shifts just to get everything done, which was costing the department a ton of money. My superior gave me permission to look for alternatives, which is when I came across I got on the phone with a gal named Tammy and she took my info, gave me a free quote, and got me set up fast. I was pretty impressed by how simple the request forms were and how quickly I could just attach the documents and go on with my day. They tracked the fella down, served him the document, and the deal was done. Now that’s what I call fast and efficient. Oh, and it costed the department way less than having our officers pull double shifts all the time.

Expert private investigator

Mar 26, 2016 by Charles

Having an expert private investigator on the team turned out to be more crucial than I thought. Everything was going fine until we had this one defendant who we couldn’t track down. We had to serve her papers but she was more or less hiding from the sheriff of her county. My department manager told me to look up and get a price quote. Thankfully their services were in the budget. We talked to a rep named Tammy who helped us quickly fill out the request form. Then we just overnighted our documents and the defendant was located and served just a few weeks later. Up until then we had been searching for her for months.

Court document served to the defendant

Jan 20, 2016 by Jessica

Being a legal professional means I have to use my resources to get the job done right. I had worked with private investigators many times before, so I felt confident in using to have a court document served to the defendant. My colleague actually recommended them, so I got on the phone to get my price quote. Some nice lady named Tammy talked with me and answered all my questions. She even walked me through filling out the request form and attaching the documents to it. I never had to leave my office yet everything was taken care of expertly. Couldn’t be more pleased.


Dec 13, 2015 by melody panek

If you need someone served with legal papers this is who you want to hire. They know their stuff! They know the law, they follow the law, they get the guy served- and quickly! I would hire them again in a minute.


Oct 08, 2015 by Perry

You guys at really came through for us. Thanks to Tammy for helping me figure out how to get things done as efficiently as possible. I had a little computer trouble when it was time to upload my documents, but Tammy walked me through the process of overnighting everything instead. The cost was more than affordable and I couldn’t be happier with the expertise and professionalism of the team. I’m saving this contact in my address book for later, that’s for sure.

Excellent PI Firm !

Sep 12, 2015 by Karly k.

Overall I had a great experience working with this firm. They were very professional and helped me through my troubling times. Throughout the situation they made me very comfortable and assured me they would help me to the best of their abilities, which they did ! I was very impressed with how friendly and professional Jefferson was and I would definitely recommend this firm to anyone in need.

Thank you Jefferson

Sep 10, 2015 by Charlie C.

I was looking for my father, he had left me and my mother behind twenty years ago, and with nothing but a name and some basic dated information they found him for me. I finally got to meet him, face to face, a man without having him. I just had to find him..but I felt resolved, and a weight lifted, and it was thanks to Jefferson of

Premier Legal Support Service , USA 4.5 5.0 14 14 Big thanks to for getting our defendant served quickly. We just don’t have the time for such things anymore, so you guys really made a difference.

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