Our Company

Our History

For thirty years, Premier Legal Support Services has helped private citizens, small and large businesses, lawyers, insurance companies, and many others find their way through our complicated legal system. Our professional process servers have served thousands of legal papers over the years, including summonses, complaints, small claims actions, subpoenas and records demands. And we have filed papers in courts across California, and across the nation. We do court research, official records research, and on-site document reproduction.

Our Staff

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff includes registered professional process servers, legal researchers and courthouse specialists. Our staffers have substantial experience before they come to work for us. We prepare our process servers to deal with individuals who have gone into hiding, corporations that have closed their doors, and uncooperative witnesses. Our court researchers spend time every workday at the courthouse, learning new practices and keeping up with changing local procedures. And we prepare our people for a few things you might not even have thought of.

Our Capabilities

Our professional process servers use the most sophisticated techniques and technology. Combine that with our agents’ street-smart experience, and as our client you have access to the highest quality of service. Our staff specializes in solving problems – in finding the way through complex issues. No matter your needs, you will find our staff skilled, knowledgeable, experienced and professional.

Office Locations

Los Angeles
1609 James M Wood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90015
877 493 3463

Santa Ana
820 N. Parton Street Suite 203
Santa Ana, CA 92701
877 493 3463

San Diego
110 W. C Street Suite 915
San Diego, CA 92101
877 493 3463

3631 Tenth Street Suite 210
Riverside, CA 92501
877 493 3463

1301 H Street Suite 1
Sacramento, CA 95814
877 493 3463

1145 W. McDowell Road
Phoenix, AZ 85007
877 493 3463

2 E. Congress Suite 410
Tucson, AZ 85701
877 493 3463

Las Vegas
720 S. 4th Street Suite 305
Las Vegas, NV 89101
877 493 3463

520 S.W. 6th Avenue Suite 914
Portland, OR 97204
877 493 3463

405 14th Street #206
Oakland, CA 94612
877 493 3463

San Jose
28 N. 1st Street Suite 201
San Jose, CA 95113
877 493 3463

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