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Filing legal documents at the correct courthouse can be a tedious and time consuming process. Many who go to file documents will make time to go early in the morning or in the late afternoon. This will result in longer lines that will keep you waiting and prolong the process. We are here to shorten that process for you and keep the process from affecting your life.

Our expert process servers go to courthouses all over the country daily in order to ensure that legal documents are delivered to their respective courthouse. We understand the different statutes of limitations involved in litigation and we make sure that papers get filed on time. We have dealt with legal documents from all different areas of law including, but not limited to, family, criminal, immigration, probate, juvenile, personal injury, etc.

Some banks in California make it harder to enforce judgments by making you serve a specific branch. Our expert California process servers will get these documents served quickly and on time to ensure that the accounts you need to collect debts on are not tampered with.

The following is a list of our most commonly requested legal documents to be served in relation to court filings: employs expert California process servers who are familiar with local, state and national laws for small claims courts. They will ensure that your papers are served quickly and legally within the time constraints so that you may go forward with the legal action that you are trying to pursue.

By using a California legal process service or server with Premier Legal Support Service, the judicial system can make a faster decision because they have all of the information they need right at hand.

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