Hire a Process Service Professional!

At Premier Legal Support Service, our professional process servers specialize in two things:

  • Serving your legal papers quickly and cost-effectively; and
  • Serving your legal papers to hard-to-find individuals and business organizations.

The defendant in your lawsuit may be elusive, or hiding from the sheriff. He or she might have gone into hiding! Getting the defendant served is not as simple as walking up and saying hello.

It is important you know how we work.

Our registered process servers understand how to serve a person who is trying to avoid being served. Our databases help find individuals who have changed addresses. Our registered process servers know the buildings downtown, the streets of the suburbs, and ways to get past a security guard without trespassing.

Simply stated, we are process serving professionals. We understand the legal rules, and the local court rules in every California county. Because of our experience working around the courts, we understand the complexities. This experience and expertise is crucial, when you need to serve legal documents on a hard-to-find individual, or on a business organization with a single office in a large, secure building.

So What is Process Service?

“Process Service” means delivering legal papers to an individual or business, using specific legal rules that make it impossible to deny the documents were received. California law requires certain documents be “personally served” – meaning the documents must be delivered to the person being served and no one else. In the case of a business, the head office must be served in a particular way. Or perhaps the business has designated an agent to accept service. Either way, our professional process servers know how to serve the papers. Then we file a formal declaration with the Court, to establish he date, time, and location where the service took place.

Process service is a necessary part of the legal process. Due process of law requires that process service be done RIGHT. By using Premier Legal Support Service, you can be sure your court papers will be served in a professional manner, and in strict compliance with California law. Your case is on the line. Don’t scrimp on this crucial phase of the legal process! You could pay for it later, with a case dismissal, or a defendant’s legal motions or evasive tactics. Go with the licensed professionals.

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